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Bon bah je vois pas pourquoi l'ordi portable ne démarre pas


J'ai besoin d'une minute de votre attention svp

je vais tout casser pardon j'importe mes follows =v

Anyone here interested in a @yunohost package for Glitch-Soc ?

If you'd be interesting in using it, please fav this toot.
If you would like to contribute (code, test), please reply 🙂

I've seen people arguing that it was rather simple to migrate-update from mastodon to glitch-soc, at least that their installation are really similar. So I suppose it would not be too much work, as you can use the work made on the Mastodon package.

ping @thib

#Yunohost #GlitchSoc

LE saviez vous
Il existe sur youtube "pipou le film"
C'est cursed

Bonne journée !

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Thank you! Boosts are highly appreciated! 💗

#mastoart #creativetoots #supportme #kofi

Hellow pipou !

(SI je dis pipouille je me fais taper ? j'ai toujours rêver dire pipouille )

La fierté de corriger le code des profs :amaze::blobparty::party_parrot:

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