bon bah j'aurai un (1) objet de l'event ACPC mdr

@sempervirenx i don't care, gay angst works too, it works super well

@sempervirenx it's not rly in my top priorities but someday I might buy it, I'm already refraining myself from buying smth else besides Octopath Traveler next time I go in town bc I already have too many unfinished Switch or Steam games skshskjsks

caps, lyrics 

(long story short certaines pratiques d'Almyra dans FE3H sont basées sur le zoroastrisme)

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en fait ça me servira sans doute pas à grand chose mais bon

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Big up to the dude saying it with his got dang scottish accent in the music vid for Queen Of Peace + Long And Lost

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poetry; Body Of Water by Florence Welch 

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Ditto the Himblob's choices:

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