Oh, by the way : I closed the enlisting on the instance a few weeks ago, because I needed to think about how I'm administrating this place. I wasn't so sure of myself, yet I want our new students to know what they're getting into, and that wouldn't be possible if even the headmister'ess doesn't have a clear stance.
So, I wish to hear what you think : what calls for a suspend (aka no more interaction possible between you and the persone/instance), what calls for a mute (aka you can still chat if you want to) ?
- About free speech zone (free to say even horrendous things) ?
- About harassing ? About "dramas" (i really dislike that word) ?


I know this is a sensitive topic, so feel free to reach with a DM if you wish to avoid any random people coming here to disagree... Also, my goal is not argue about this, but really to get to know what people think and feel about moderation, including people from outside pipou.academy.

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Bienvenue sur l’accueil de Pipou Academy ! Nous sommes un établissement de langue principalement française et anglaise (autres langues bienvenues !) ouvert à tous les élèves pipou.
Qu’est-ce qu’un.e pipou ? Vaste et scientifique question qui n’a qu’une réponse : l’élève pipou est une personne gentille ou qui vise à l’être.
Les valeurs de notre académie :
- L’académie Pipou prône la bienveillance. Nous visons à créer un espace aussi accueillant que possible, où chaque élève se sentira à l’aise et saura qu’iel peut être ellui-même (tant que « ellui-même » n’est pas « un.e vil.e vilain.e »).
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Welcome on Pipou Academy’s portal! We are mainly a French-speaking or English-speaking establishment, but other languages are welcome too. Our school is open to all interested pipous!
What is a pipou? A pipou is a complex creature that might be described in one sentence: someone who is either nice, either aiming to be nice.
Our values:
- Pipou Academy puts an emphasis on kindness. Our goal is to create a welcoming, laid-back space where everyone can feel at ease and be theirselves (as long as "theirselves" is not "a big meanie"!).
- We welcome all the letters from the LGBT+ sigils, as well as allies. Whoever you are, you are welcome here, as long as you try to follow our rules!