FR : élèves. Ne pouvant laisser passer l'enbyphobie, j'ai pris la décision de silencer l'instance, car je ne peux pas garantir qu'aucun autre thread sur le sujet ne ressortira. Vous pourrez toujours interagir avec ses utilisatrices si vous les suivez, simplement, leurs messages publiques ne seront plus affichés dans la timeline fédérée. Prenez soin de vous.

EN : Dear students. Because I can't let enbyphobia fly, I have decided to mute the instance, as I can't guarantee that no other thread on this subject will pop up. You will still be able to talk to their users if you follow them, it's just that their public toots won't appear in the federated timeline anymore. Take care.

@MxHeadmaster I guess that's a block to them on my side too. (It was already on the edge in the first place for having no contact and no rules, the rule part only got a little bit fixed)
Anyway, can you link me to something they said?

@lanodan @MxHeadmaster What started reactions from many people today was that thread :
Another toot that really saddens me is when Louise admits that part of her thread was motivated by one person only (why...) :

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EN : This is a queer instance, who aims to be as comfy and safe as possible. New students welcome !