NudeVember - liste 

🇬🇧​ NudeVember here we come! :blobfoxcamera:

I'll do one or several nudes for each topic, some will be public, some on follower-only. @Myst will appear in some photo and a lot will be taken by her.
Do not hesitate to send me a follow-request (if you're overage) even if we don't know each other. (But I will accept some cis men only.)

🇲🇫​ C'est parti pour le NudeVember ! :blobcatcamera:

Je devrais faire une ou plusieurs nudes par thème, certaines seront publiques et d'autre en followers-only. @Myst sera présente dans certaines photos et beaucoup d'autres seront prises par elle.
N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer une follow request (si vous êtes majeurs) même si on ne se connaît pas. (Je ferais un tri dans les mec cis cependant.)

NV 1 - Reflection ; Nude, boobs, no genital 

Upside-down with @Myst :blob_gnikniht:

When the street comes into the bedroom :blobcatpeek:

NV 2 - Gourmet ; Nude, boobs, no genital, food 

Snacking @Myst with chocolate :blobnomcookie:​ It was delicious! :blobtongue:

NV 3 - Waking-up ; Nudity, boobs, no genital 

Waking-up with @Myst by my side :moji16:​ 💜 ​:blobheartcat:
niaiserie intensifies

NV 5 - Flash ; nudity, boobs 

Female presenting nipples in public !!! :blobscream:

[edit: I forgot to set the privacy to "public"]

NV 6 - Deviance ; nude, ass 

Can we properly define the deviance? 🐟​


NV 8 - Furry ; nude, ass, boobs, sextoy, eye contact 

So I'm a dragon in the streets... :purple_dragon:
But I'm a cat-unicorn in the sheets. :catsmirk:​ 🦄​

NV 9 - Boudoir ; lingerie, nude 

Just a casual afternoon at home in our 🅱️oudoir. :blobheartcat:
Feat. @Myst and with the generous participation of Brünhilde the teddy bear. 🐻​

NV 10 - Playful ; nude, boobs, eye contact 

Sometimes, I like playing Magic The gathering more than sex, especially with my cat-dragon queen :heart_eyes_cat_lesb::purple_dragon::blobcat_mlem:


NV 12 - Stigma ; nude, scar 

At first I wanted to show you my stretch marks because I very like them and I find them beautiful but they tend to disappear recently, so instead here is the scar I got at 12yo by running in the garden near the vegetables were my father left a broken glass plate… It got me 14 stiches. 😅​

NV 13 - Triptych ; nude, boobs, eye contact 

I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I'll punish you!


re: NV 13 - Triptych ; nude, boobs, eye contact 

@Zelda « suis-je dans un rêve ? » :"D

re: NV 13 - Triptych ; nude, boobs, eye contact 

@Nausicaa Tu rêves de moi à moitié nue en trois exemplaire ? (Si oui, honnêtement je comprends :blobcatgiggle:​)

re: NV 13 - Triptych ; nude, boobs, eye contact 

@Zelda joker O:-)

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