@Ophelia oh! I haven't been to Vienna yet, even though my triad is based out of Innsbruck. it's on the list though! there's definitely gays in Austria, is what I'm trying to say. :blobowo:

@tessaracht @Ophelia hello there, Tessa reached out - unfortunately my contact only gave me one tip, rosalila Villa is apparently a good starting point :) hope it helps

@Ophelia I sadly don't live there currently, but my goal is to move there asap!

@Ophelia I'm an enby, asexual & gynoromantic transwoman born, raised and still living in Vienna, but I might move to Graz soon.

@Ophelia I live in Vienna! I'm bi and enby and moved here about 9 months ago

@Ophelia Living here, in a queernormative co-housing project - and quite well connected to different queer groups. Anything specific you are looking for?

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