Fedi Meta 

Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind parast.at

#FediAdmin #MastoDev


Fedi Meta 

@parastat looking forward to know more about you / it ! :blobaww:

Fedi Meta 

@Oz we have so much we want to share, but it will have to wait a bit more.

Looking forward for you to be part of the community :)

@parastat i'm strongly interested by both the security/moderation upgrades and the design one you're announcing.

Is there anyway i could contribute ?

@Oz I'm sure there are many, many, way you could help the project.

Development, documentation, donation, openning bugs, testing, peer review, translation, talk/write about the project, security audits, making apps etc. etc. are all healthy ways to participate.

It is not yet obvious how, but we will be in touch soon with ways to do just that :)

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