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I have this place in my head, with another one (irrelevant here), which is quite real to me.
It's a forest with no oxygen, nothing moving, but everything alive. Time stopped.
No trace of human intervention here, ever, in the history of this place.

Yet there is this lake, in the center of it. A really dark, filled with black water, lake. Seems deep, no one ever saw the bottom of it. In fact, you can't see through this water. It's quite opaque. It's quite thick.
But you can feel it. How it's charged.
Charged by past emotions, baggage from life. No oxygen in this water either. This water so heavy it just absorbs things. "Eat" things. Make them become intemporal.
They wait. To be choked up. Alive again. Experienced back. Acknowledge.

This lake is so heavy. It sits right there. It never moves, sometimes absorbs something else. Everything piles up.

Now it's seems slightly lighter than a few years ago.


- Axel

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As there is a lack of signature in a lot of our posts, let's pin that clarification :

- If that's not specified in a response to a conversation where it's been specified, it's that it hasn't changed.

- If it's specified on the x toot of a thread, the whole thread goes under the same name

- If it's been simply forgetten (especially on my artist account where it's often me), it's... Well, me.

- Another option is that it's Eva and or I together since we tend to be integrating a lot together lately

- Axel

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On that note I am sharing MultiplicityandMe last video about system responsibility. Can never be explained enough, the takes are good.

Systems need to work together as a whole ( OSDD and DID systems)

- Axel

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Here it is because I am a big nut I didn't understand why this account was so invisible...
So : , here we are.

We are an OSDD system, we are quite recently "coming out" about that on a broader scale. Not that we know everything now, not that my alters and I talked about it that much but...
That's my wish.

I wanted to do a Mental Health account.
Talk about our struggles, our self discovery, our dialy life as someone with PTSD and a handicap status, how we manage, how we live with people around us, etc.

As I gain in confidence, there will probably be in time more ressource sharing, and spontaneous share about our states aside our diary on this account.

I won't lie, I do this for me it's true. But also because it's by sharing experiences that we come to understand each other.

OSDD is not that rare. PTSD either. And many mental health issues are quite common.

Hi, we are Dusty/D, I am Axel, and this is our mental health related account.

re: Dusty Crew 

On s'excuse néanmoins des messages qui n'avaient pas lieu d'être sur le compte principal et que l'on compte bien éviter de répéter au futur étant donné la diversité de personne nous suivant.

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Dusty Crew 

On ne sait pas bien qui a fait quoi.
6 points de suture puis on va voir des psychiatres et probablement repartir en clinique.

- D

About Dusty Art 

We lost the password for the other account
We're gonna be sent to the ER.

- Dusty

We are out of the clinic tomorrow 🤍💪🏻

#introductions are boring to make but I have nothing else to do.
Hi, I'm Axel•le, somewhat an illustrator but I mostly pretend I know how to do stuff and then make them to fill up the expectations.
I am both Eva and Axel from our system, and neither of them. I'm me.
I'm queer, I'm NBfem, I'm most probably a lesbian by orientation and will not take the time to argue the fact that you can or can't be lesb and be with not-a-woman

Many hearts on you all

re: Hi it's some of us. 

J'ai pas encore les cheveux assez bien pour des tresses des deux côtés :(
- Alice

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Alice, my 9yo alter showed up a bit today and decided to doodle.
Tiring experience on my end of things but hey, I'm glad she enjoys it.
#mastoart #art #dustyart
- Axel•le.

It also doesn't mean the whole system will get along. On another hand alters can have relationships between them.

Ça n'induit pas non plus que tout le système va s'entendre avec la personne. Également, des alters peuvent avoir des relations entre elleux.

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Being OSDD and in a relationship doesn't mean the whole system is involved in said relationship

Avoir un TDI partiel et être en relation ne veut pas dire que tout le système est impliqué dans cette relation

- Axel•le

A la fois ça peut lui faire du bien d'être pas que avec des corps normés, voir d'avoir des retours pas forcément toujours lubriques.
Mais bon après hein
Escort elle y tient.

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Dur pour Ray de monter un compte, c'est toujours long et laborieux les débuts sur Masto et là elle peut même pas répondre à un call escort en étant en clinique quoi.


Bored at the clinic, I end up doing 100 squats, push ups,abs, triceps, +planking a day and go walk a a bit. And sometimes yoga stretching too.
Restrictive area is BORING

Je m'ennuie à la clinique, je finis par en faire 100pompes, abdos, triceps + gainage chaque jour et marcher aussi. Et aussi des fois des étirements yoga.
La zone sécurisée est CHIANTE.

Fun fact, since fusion from Eva and Axel, or well, since me, sugary things are a no-go and it's been really sudden, it's really disturbing still to try stuff I literally liked yesterday.

Fait insolite, depuis la fusion entre Eva et Axel, enfin depuis moi quoi,les trucs sucrés c'est un non vraiment soudainement, c'est très perturbant d'essayer et noter sur des trucs que j'aimais littéralement hier.


Content.e que c avous aide à visualiser :) je compte faire un compte plume pour tout ça mais en attendant je vais poster ces mini machins.

Happy it helped you visualise :) I'm intending to do a Plume account for all that but for the time being I'll post stuff like that


Hi it's some of us. 

Hidden for suggestion of drug (false cig)

Des selfies de certain.e.s d'entre nous
Selfies of us

Jason (she)
Axel.le (they/she)
Ray (she)

Ray has her own 🔞 account 

Unrelated to this account but Ray did her own Masto account for nudes and sex work and you can check it out at

Bon donc ça fait appartement deux nuits que je cherche comment mourir enn hp.

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