hey kids i know ur struggling right now but i'm here to tell you, everything gets worse forever

"don't be bitter be better" that's where you're mistaken fool i can multitask and will excel at both

some people??? yell at their competition in bathroom stalls????? to cope???????????

person: *complains about someone*
me: fight them.......... tf

you don't know how much someone is worth to you
unless you sell them

i'm so dramatic but it adds to my endearing personality so i don't give a shit

"king jj?" the only royal that guy is, is a royal pain in the ass

me: *feels an emotion*
me: who the fuck authorized this

ok so if salt is a natural preservative does that mean i'll never age?

i'm testing out a new pirozhki recipe grandpa taught me tonight!

they say "bros before hoes" but what happens if your bro becomes your hoe?

a crush is called a crush because you're supposed to crush them

i'm short and i'm gonna kick ur ass i dont give a frick

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