my phone just autocorrected otabek to oat bake and i haven't stopped laughing since

capitalism will kill us all
gender is fake
eat garbage
be free

im just a happy go lucky ray of fucking sunshine today

yuuri said he had butterflies in his stomach. why would he eat butterflies? how will they come out? what a fool

shoutout to viktor nikiforov and yuuri katsuki for never making me want to try alcohol in my life

oh really you're a gamer well how many neko atsume cats did you collect????

you mean when you told me to "knock 'em dead, kid" before my competition it was just a figure of speech? well this is awkward...

sometimes i disguise myself as georgi to get away from crazy fangirls. works perfectly its like im not even there

me, opening a conversation and foregoing a greeting: you know who i hate

no i wasn't paying attention i was thinking about otabek's biceps

yeah soulmates are cool but what about saltmates where you have an unbreakable bond by being salty about the same thing

forgive and forget? no thank you i personally prefer to resent and remember

i swear i try not to be mean but what the fuck is wrong with so many people

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