Today I learned: there's a journal named Wireless Personal Communications

Finally, I found where all those "Personal communication" references are published :blobcatuwu:

seen in some official document: LGBTQ+.*

Finally a sensible regular expression :blobcatuwu:

frpol, mention harcèlement sexuel 

Le gouvernement : la lutte contre le harcèlement sexuel est notre priorité, tellement qu'on a même mis en place un site web

Le site web : stop-harcelement-sexuel.gouv.f
*ne répond pas*

cat, kinda eye contact 

There were some heavy storms last year and many trees fell down. In a local park, some of them came back to life though

nourriture vegan, poti-accident 

moi : secoue la salière au-dessus de la casserole de riz
la salière :
moi : ouvre le fond de la salière
la salière : :salt::sel::sel:
le riz : :oh_no:

re: transphobie dans les media 

« Symétriquement, le choix d’actrices cis pour jouer des garçons ou des hommes trans se redouble de la tendance lourde à faire des scénarios sur des hommes trans tout jeunes, comme dans Tomboy de Céline Sciamma, avec Zoé Héran, ou encore About Ray, de Gaby Dellal et avec Elle Fanning. Ici, le choix de se focaliser sur de tout jeunes trans permet de faire de la masculinité le monopole des hommes cis : un homme trans ne pourrait être que petit, jeune et fluet, tandis que la vraie masculinité serait adulte et virile. »

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transphobie dans les media, psychophobie 

Une analyse de la visibilité trans dans les media et ses effets négatifs :

Pauline Clochec, Entre punition et altérisation : médiatiser les femmes trans pour décourager les transitions

« Les représentations médiatiques des femmes trans ne relèvent pas d’une question d’esthétique ni de visibilité, mais ont une fonction sociale contribuant à la minorisation des femmes trans, à savoir dissuader de transitionner ou stigmatiser celles qui le font, et cette fonction passe par la représentation du changement de sexe comme impossible, comme étant nécessairement voué à l’échec. »

out-of-context textbook quote, spiders 

Not All Spiders Are Bastards (but those who do are the most interesting)

re: queer history, erasure 

Since this toot got kinda popular, here's something that should be pointed:

If this story got told at all, it was most likely due to Agnes being white, middle-class, able-bodied, etc.

So let's keep in mind there are plenty of other amazing queer people throughout history, whose stories did not get told because they were not all of that

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Harold Garfinkel on cis-normativity 

I love the ridiculously unnecessary scientific precision of Harold Garfinkel.

Behold, the transition table of cis-normativity:

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queer history, hrt, grs 

Thinking about the anonymous trans woman known as Agnes.
She secretly self-administered stolen hormones since the age of 12. That was in the US in 1951.

She successfully passed as a cis boy while undergoing fem puberty.
Then successfully passed as a cis woman since she was 17.
Then successfully passed as an intersex woman to the entire UCLA medical school, including psychiatrist Robert Stoller (who coined the term Gender Identity) and sociologist Harold Garfinkel (who wrote papers on gender passing), so she could get GRS at 19, fully healthcare covered.
Then successfully passed as a menopausal women to finally get a legit HRT prescription.

Then bragged about all of it to Stoller and Garfinkel, who admitted complete defeat.

re: Mastodon/Glitchsoc rant 

Okay, seems that was a silly question?

But, come on, Mastodon is super confusing here. Say I hover my pointer over my name or picture on the timeline:

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Mastodon/Glitchsoc question 

Is there an easy way to display local profiles from the web UI (the ones in /web/accounts/ that allow following and interaction)?

I know I can copy-paste the username in the searchbox, and just now I found about the secret 'p' hotkey, but I don't find either qualify as easy, sorry

Love how academia sometimes accidentally comes up with gender-neutral terms

  • Chairman/chairwomen of the conference program committee :blob_cat_ohnoes:
  • Chairperson of the program committee :blobcatglaredrink:
  • PC chair :blobcatfingerguns:

Next in line: the Travelling Sales Problem

Sally Hacker quote, technology and eroticism 

"In Ehrenreich et al.'s (1986) exploration of the sexual revolution, they note that "meaning," "mystery," and "romance," which many fear will disappear in today's more open sexual negotiations, are in fact euphemisms for *obfuscation*.

Such terms hide the subordination of women and inhibit their sexual spontaneity. Professional jargon, a mysterified discourse, does the same for the student in engineering."

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Sally Hacker quote, technology and eroticism 

Women and workers are "good" if they use the equipment of technology or eroticism in prescribed ways, but dangerous and "bad" if they take things into their own hands. Women and men are divided between and among themselves by a system of stratification based in part on current definitions of technical or erotic skill, both defined by men of the upper-middle and upper classes. Upstart individuals confront conservative and radical alike about the politically correct use of these skills. Sally Hacker, Pleasure, Power, and Technology: Some Tales of Gender, Engineering, and the Cooperative Workplace, 1989
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Mastodon tutorant, long 

How to write a "last boost" reaction or boost-with-cw in Mastodon, a step-by-step tutorial
1. Start replying to the original toot
2. Make sure to remove all mentions from your reply so the original poster won't get annoying notifications
3. Wait, is the original message from a Mastodon instance?
If not, they'll get the annoying notifications either way: move to step 10
4. Write your message and/or cw
5. Select the visibility: followers-only or unlisted or…?
6. Wait, do I want my toot to show up on the public timeline? If yes, replying or boosting won't do even if it's a public toot: move to step 10
7. Double-check you did steps 2-5 correctly and send the toot
8. Your new toot is about as visible to Mastodon users as a DM without mentions. Boost it so it appears on their timelines. Your Pleroma followers will get it twice. Serves them well.
9. No reaction. You did forget step 8, didn't you?
10. Give up and just write a new toot with a web link to the original toot

Sally Hacker quote, capitalism, failure of liberal feminism 

About her advocating for affirmative action at AT&T in the early 1970's:
"Jobs undergoing technological change were held first by white males, then by minority males, white women, minority women, and then machines. So we found ourselves in the position of arguing that women and minorities be hired exactly where the company wanted them—in jobs next to be automated."

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