C'est un potard il croit qu'il est poteau mais en fait il a pô l'temps d's'y mettre

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Lessons so far:
- timezones in email are a mess
- Python hates me as much as I hate it
- average is not a good metric when you think about that one email I answered after (check notes) 4 years

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Thanks for the suggestions !

I started to python my way through by grabbing all message headers from the IMAP server, then doing my own post-processing. I get the impression I'll need to write some code for the post-processing anyway as the tools don't give me exactly what I want

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Tech question 

Hi, I'm looking for a tool that can produce statistics on my email answer rate and answer delay as a function of time, based on the contents of my inbox and sent mail box on an IMAP server. I'm okay with doing some scripting if have to. Any suggestion?

Not having to choose between deadnaming and outing trans authors when?

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Grâce à la présentation de notre nouveau système d'information, je découvre les subtilités et nuances du vocabulaire technique de l'info gestion :
recetter ≠ resetter :blobcatsurprised:
RÀZ ≠ erased :blobsurprisedpikachu:

The Springer rep filled in the request for me and it starts with "Dear Springer Nature"

So I've got my answer. I should address Elsevier as:
"Dear Lodewijk Elzevir" :blobcatuwu:

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Help, I need to send an email to namechange @ elsevier.com but I have no idea how to address the person behind the alias :blob_cat_ohnoes:

"Dear Elsevier Namechanger-in-Chief" :blobcatthinking:

Will I celebrate the delivery of Sara Ahmed's last book "Complaint!" by filing a complaint with the post office for undue customs tax collection ? :blobcatthinking:

academia shitpost, kink 

➡️​ Occasionally exploit sub-reviewers
➡️​ Write humiliating rejection letters that start with:
"Thank you for submitting to [conference]"

Program committee members are dommes :blobcatmaths:

Me when I read about GBT:

:grr:​ Fuck lerfs ! :hiss:

… oh you meant Gradient Boosting Tree? right :blobpensive:

Sally Hacker on engineering education 

"I became an engineering student to see how it felt. Parts of it were exciting and enjoyable; some of it was grim. I began to realize how we participate in and thus support, hierarchical processes by taking part; what becomes appealing, how we give in and get bought out, but also how we resist."

"Engineering is the technical branch of the military, and engineering education often serves to maintain gender stratification during periods of rapid change. Engineers are the radicals of our time, changing the physical and social world piecemeal, often without a thought for the whole."

Blob, science participative 

Des nouvelles du blob au 720 genres :blobrainbow:

Il y a une expérience participative à laquelle on peut s'inscrire maintenant, pour élever un blob chez soi en mars-mai 2022 et voir comment il réagit au chaud :blobsweats:



shitpost math 

Quand tu shippe les mecs entre eux :
la théorie homotypique des types

re: impôts, nerdage 

Ah si, ça n'a pas des propriétés spécialement intéressantes mais c'est facile à calculer quand le nombre est représenté en base 2.
Comme 511 = 2^9-1, la réduction modulo se ramène à calculer :
n = (n & 0x1ff) + (n >> 9);
jusqu'à ce que n<0x1ff

Ça explique aussi pourquoi le premier chiffre du numéro fiscal ne peut pas être supérieur à 3 : c'est pour que les 10 premiers chiffres rentrent dans un entier 32 bits :blobcatsurprised:

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