Sally Hacker quote, capitalism, failure of liberal feminism 

About her advocating for affirmative action at AT&T in the early 1970's:
"Jobs undergoing technological change were held first by white males, then by minority males, white women, minority women, and then machines. So we found ourselves in the position of arguing that women and minorities be hired exactly where the company wanted them—in jobs next to be automated."

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Sally Hacker quote, technology and eroticism 

Women and workers are "good" if they use the equipment of technology or eroticism in prescribed ways, but dangerous and "bad" if they take things into their own hands. Women and men are divided between and among themselves by a system of stratification based in part on current definitions of technical or erotic skill, both defined by men of the upper-middle and upper classes. Upstart individuals confront conservative and radical alike about the politically correct use of these skills. Sally Hacker, Pleasure, Power, and Technology: Some Tales of Gender, Engineering, and the Cooperative Workplace, 1989

Sally Hacker quote, technology and eroticism 

"In Ehrenreich et al.'s (1986) exploration of the sexual revolution, they note that "meaning," "mystery," and "romance," which many fear will disappear in today's more open sexual negotiations, are in fact euphemisms for *obfuscation*.

Such terms hide the subordination of women and inhibit their sexual spontaneity. Professional jargon, a mysterified discourse, does the same for the student in engineering."

Sally Hacker quote, technology and eroticism 

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