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Thinking about the anonymous trans woman known as Agnes.
She secretly self-administered stolen hormones since the age of 12. That was in the US in 1951.

She successfully passed as a cis boy while undergoing fem puberty.
Then successfully passed as a cis woman since she was 17.
Then successfully passed as an intersex woman to the entire UCLA medical school, including psychiatrist Robert Stoller (who coined the term Gender Identity) and sociologist Harold Garfinkel (who wrote papers on gender passing), so she could get GRS at 19, fully healthcare covered.
Then successfully passed as a menopausal women to finally get a legit HRT prescription.

Then bragged about all of it to Stoller and Garfinkel, who admitted complete defeat.


re: queer history, erasure 

Since this toot got kinda popular, here's something that should be pointed:

If this story got told at all, it was most likely due to Agnes being white, middle-class, able-bodied, etc.

So let's keep in mind there are plenty of other amazing queer people throughout history, whose stories did not get told because they were not all of that

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