Before I go off to celebrate Midsummer by being in bed sick (Swedish woes), I want to share a small update.

#Tusky will keep blocking servers which actively promote fascism. This in particular means Gab.

We will get our next release out just in time for the 4th of July.

Don't even try to debate us about Free Speech. This is our speech, exercising #ANTIFA views. And we will keep doing it :toot:

We will post a bigger update at a later time about what this all really means.

Mention physical violence and murder 


@deadpool212121 in my opinion, open source should be welcoming to everyone. But it only can be the case if it is:
- not racist
- not homophobic
- not transphobic
- not sexist
- not validist
Because if it is one of those, marginalized people and minorities will not able to use it. And so, it's not open source.

I think you can't understand why I say that because you do not feel unwelcome or are not a harassment target when you use/contribute to free software.

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