It's crazy how much suffering is normalized for women

"Beauty is pain", decided men who can do the bare minimum and not get judged in public

@oxyhime "Beauty is pain" tells the man whose worst pain is to shave once every two days.

@Sylvhem They can afford not to do it. They get labeled "messy"

If a woman doesn't shave her legs it's a political statement and she's marginalized

@darckcrystale @Sylvhem let's not forget that "dad bod" was a thing

Masculine goals can be synonymous with "letting yourself go", irt beauty norms

@oxyhime Oddly enough, nobody thinks that woman who just have been pregnant have an awesome and sexy "mom body" 🤔.



@Sylvhem @oxyhime ah yes the famous you are beautiful when you are pregnant!
Then after everyone sees you as an inform blob and is disgusted by your body, especially your belly

@darckcrystale @Sylvhem that's a whole other can of worms also. A can of worms specifically engineered to convince people that pregnancy is not 9 months of strict restrictions, inconveniences, and various pains

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