So I’m a terrible person and have never, until tonight, seen a Studio Ghibli film, but we just watched Spirited Away and holy crap was it good

I want to watch more but don’t know which to watch next. I know Totoro and Princess Mononoke but I only know they exist, I dunno anything but that.

Help! 😅


@twisterghost I really liked Owls moving castle and Castle in the sky

Totoro is really nice, even being a little more "childish" (it has a different reading when seen as an adult)

I found Mononoke a little more sad than the others

Porco Rosso is funny and its political content is nice to see given the current worldwide political ambiance

@twisterghost also if you can, not ghibli's films but I really liked Wolf children (a bit slow but very cool if you are a parent), The boy and the beast (amazing animations and soundtrack) and Belle (really beautiful)

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