Explaining Mastodon in a conversation is so much easier than doing it through text on a website. That has never gotten easier. In fact it's gotten harder because now you have to worry about not sounding like a cryptocurrency because the concept of "decentralization" has been co-opted...


@Gargron maybe you could pay a company to make an informative video about it, with illustrations

@darckcrystale We've done that, but it's kind of the same exact problem. Reading text out loud doesn't make it a conversation. Plus there's only so much you can fit in a video without running out of budget.

@darckcrystale @Gargron that makes it worse... it looks *just* like a scam/crypto/corporate thing then
@darckcrystale @Gargron animated videos are usually really low quality so unless you get some talented designers you're gonna get that generic stock art style that no one trusts
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