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I'm aliveee 🥴🙏
I have finished listing new earrings, stickers, and multiple mutual aid fundraiser listings!
The description goes into detail for each mutual aid item 🥰 your support would be so appreciated! Over $500 has been raised for Little Bird so far! I would love to sell OUT of the mutual aid studs for @junebug !!!

All proceeds minus shipping go to the person the mutual aid listing is for ❤

#etsy #earrings #handmade #mutualaid

how badly would a company violate the AGPLv3 by doing monthly source releases of their product (which is a derivative of some AGPLv3 software) which they presumably modify continuously in their live production deployment?

whats the best way to paint/dye/recolour a small plastic object

Si Wolcano était un dessin animé...
🌈 Share ze witchy love 🌈
(fait à la souris, en plus)

Vous utilisez quelle application pour gérer plusieurs comptes mastodon sur smartphone android ?

Pensez à signer ces pétitions:
- Revenu de base inconditionnel (UE) :
- Protection des praticien·ne·s refusant la mise en place du protocole de la #SoFECT:
- Fin des thérapies de conversion (FR):

Pensez à signer ces pétitions:
- Individualisation de tous les minima sociaux :
- Requalification de violences sexuelles (subies par les mineur·e·s) en crime:

sooooooooooooooo some rando has been coming up onto the porch and like organizing DD's shit for no reason

she's probably just having a psychotic break (i know what it's like) and of course DD doesn't wanna call the cops

we're in seattle

what else can we do?

like specifically for rando who keeps organizing random stuff on the porch and likely needs mental health services?

i looked up "what to do instead of calling the cops in seattle" but i can't seem to find something for this exact scenario

Moi interagissant avec n’importe quelle administration: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no: :blob_cat_oh_no:

Dm me if you want me to draw your character doing a jojo pose just saying

It's #bandcampfriday ! :D Perfect day to go support Game Genie Sokolov latest remix EP, where you can finally start to hear what has been in the work here for the past months with my newest remix:

On peux avoir une surdité ET une hyperacousie. C’est pas antinomique.

we're working on new stuff, but in the meantime it's bandcamp friday again!!

artists get 100% of bandcamp sales today, so if you've discovered any new artists recently or want to support your favs, please do so if you can x

p.s. we're on bandcamp 👀

La permanence d'accueil de l'Espace Santé Trans, pour les personnes trans et en questionnement aura lieu de soir de 19h à 21h en ligne sur Discord.

Le lien d'invitation pour rejoindre le Discord devrait être posté à l'heure dite sur les compte Twitter et Facebook de l'EST

And as promised, here's some new music for this Bandcamp Friday!
This one's a 6-track EP called "Coffee Lake"

Here is link ✨

Thank you to @Mirima for making this weird original drawing of mine into an infinitely better cover art^^

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