webcomic recommandation (lgbt, fantasy, multicultural, great worldbuilding) 

I'm reading a really good webcomic called Leif & Thorn, it's half a slow-burn gay romance and half an incredible story of magical knights in a modern fantasy world with lots of different cultures.
Most of the cast is lgbt, it's a world without homophobia or transphobia, but there are other content warnings to share, most of which are listed at the start of storylines. The big thing is that one of the two main character is an indentured servant with a lifelong debt, so basically a slave.
The worldbuilding is great, you can tell the author is fascinated by cultures and languages and has put a lot of thought into every aspect of the world.
It's not finished but the backlog is HUGE.
Here is the link :


re: webcomic recommandation (lgbt, fantasy, multicultural, great worldbuilding) 

forgot to add that the one reason I can see that this webcomic is not a lot more well-known is that the artstyle, while nice enough, is not very eye-catching compared to other webcomics which have fantastic art. But seriously, it's worth it.
Oh, and also, forgot that gay has a wider meaning in english, to clarify, the main romance is between men. (There are plenty of secondary romances though).

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