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[FR] Hello, Moi c'est Shikayachan (Shika pour faire court), mon compte principal est sur Biscuit.Town, ceci est mon backup.
Je suis une femme cis et bi française de 27 presque ingénieure informatique.
J'aime Harry Potter, le yaoi, le fangirling...
[ENG] Hello, I'm Shikayachan (Shika for short), My main account is on Biscuit.Town, this is my backup account. I'm a french cis bi woman, 27 yo. I'm almost a IT engineer. I like Harry Potter, yaoi, fangirling...

did that meme on twitter where you make an oc out of emojis again

transparent citrus stockings were 1000% bc of the floral ones from valentino spring '19

#oc #catgirl #cute #citrus #fruit #digitalart

Wanted to do a speedpaint video but who knows how it’ll turn out. I’m a bit rusty with drawing and all that. c: But this was fun to do.

While I’m working on my Holly Deer, here’s a New Year’s piece I did at the beginning of this year. I should do another one of these...

j'ai fait un Cerbère violet suite à une requête !

comme il est cousu en partie à la machine, son prix baisse et passe de 75e à 62e :)

Intrepid Ibex (inspired by Ubuntu release 8.10) is wearing the most interesting outfit at the 15th #ubuntu 🎂 birthday party. #art #illustration #mastoart

Art trade with the lovely and talented lyra0730 on Twitter! Her #ffxiv character is a bright and stylish lass.
#art #mastoart

#Inktober day 20!
Surely you won't mind if I add to the pile of already existing drawings of vampire lesbians with open shirts

#inktober2019 #MastoArt #CreativeToots #OCs #Miriverse

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